Respect for Individual
We at Infinity strive, on a personal level, to treat each individual with dignity, consideration and respect. All Infinity persons should be honest and fair with others, share the credit when credit is due, avoid public criticism of one another and encourage an atmosphere in which openness, cooperation and consultation are the norms. Internal relationships with fellow employees should be based on the same high standards of integrity and ethical responsibility that are observed with Infinity clients, shareholders and the public.

Discrimination is not tolerated on the grounds of race, national origin, religion, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation or veteran status. Just as we do not tolerate illegal discrimination in any form, we also do not tolerate illegal sexual or any other form of harassment at any level of our company. Employees who experience or observe work-related discrimination, harassment or similar problems have an obligation to report it to their department manager, a representative of Human Resources.

Indebtedness between employees is best avoided and must not reach a level that may compromise the objectivity essential in manager-employee relationships or in the discharge of job-related responsibilities. Any indebtedness between employees and their direct or indirect supervisors (regardless of which one is borrower or lender) must be limited to nominal amounts.
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