S802 Pattern approved for use by UAE Armed Forces

The armed forces of the United Arab Emirates have given the stamp of approval for use of Infinity Tyres on their vehicles.

Infinity S802 pattern tyres have been specifically chosen for the forces trucks and flat-bed trailers used for carrying heavy machinery and equipment, as well as water tankers and general transport vehicles.

Fleets of Renault, Mann and Mercedes Benz 10-wheel trucks and trailers have been running on Infinity rubber for nearly 6 months now and officials are delighted with their performance.

Sharjah (UAE), Advantage Taxi runs on Infinity.

A major fleet of well over 1,000 vehicles is now running safely and efficiently thanks to Infinity Tyres.

Based in Sharjah (UAE), Advantage Taxi has run its vast fleet for over 3 years and recently opted to fit various Infinity Tyre patterns and sizes to its Hyundai Sonatas and Chevrolet Epicas.

Infinity has benefitted hugely from publicity and industry recognition generated by such a deal. Sharjah promises further and substantial growth in years to come, and the Infinity brand is positioned to capitalise on it’s penetration of the fleet industry.

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